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Barefoot trimming
Per horse £35,-.
Discounts can be arranged for multiple horses on the same yard.

Taking off 2 shoes is £5,-.


Diet and lifestyle tips for hoof health £20,- per horse (shod & barefoot) WITHOUT a trim!
Because diet and lifestyle advice is included with a trim.

A first meet & greet is free.

Hoof boot advice
For trimming clients at the day of trimming it's free.
Otherwise £20,- per horse.

Red Horse Products
I stock natural hoof care products from Red Horse. 

Get in touch for collection or delivery.

Field Paste £16,95

Artimud small £13,95
Artimud big £29,95

Sole Cleanse £9,50

Sole Paint £16,95

Stronghorn £17,95

Hoof-stuff £14,50

Honey Heel £10,95