Other services

Hoof health advice
Is your horse often sore after a trim, or sore when it looses a shoe or are you wanting to improve hoof health in another way, like chronic thrush, bad quality hoofwall, soft hooves, but are you not looking to change trimmers/farriers?
I can come and visit you, your horse and the yard and see what options there are to improve certain aspects that are needed for a healthy hoof. Go to price list.

Hoof boot advice
The hoof boot world can be quite overwhelming but I'd like to help you.

I can assist in measuring your horse's hooves. Meeasuring should be scheduled within the first week after a trim.
Once we know the shape of the hoof and the exact sizes, I can show you which hoof boot styles will fit your horse best. I also have fitting shells of Cavallo and Scootboot hoof boots.
Go to price list.

You'll receive 10% discount on boots if you order through me after a Hoof Boot Advice appointment.

Red Horse Products
I stock natural hoof care products from Red Horse and I bring them with on hoof consultations. You can also collect in Glen Maye or we can meet somewhere for delivery. Contact me  for questions, and for prices go to the price list.

Other products
At the moment, I am busy stocking some other hoof related products, like soaking boots, vet wrap, poultices, iodine, essential oils, empty spray bottles and duck tape. This way I can supply you, my client, then and there with what you need without you having to search around the island. I know from experience this costs a lot of time, fuel and energy.

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