White Line Disease
The White Line bacteria is anaorobic so it thrives and multiplies in dark and moist places. Undiscovered, it will continue to eat away hoofhorn. To treat it, a professional needs to expose it to oxigen, but after that it also needs to be treated with antibacterial products to allow it to grow out without new infections. Below you'll find a list of products that will definitely help. If you have questions about their use, or a hoof related question, just sent me an email to helpwithhooves@gmail.com

  • HPE concentrate
    HPE concentrate
    € 24,95
  • Iodine
    € 7,95
  • Unique Horn Pure Hoof Soaker
    Unique Horn Pure Hoof Soaker
    € 19,95
  • Sanogene
    € 8,90
  • Tubbease soaking boot
    Tubbease soaking boot
    € 25,95
  • Hoof Stuff
    Hoof Stuff
    € 22,95
  • Natural Hoof Clay
    Natural Hoof Clay
    € 22,95
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