Recommended resources about horse hooves!

This time a simple blog with a list of resources about horse hooves , to help horse owners educate themselves.
For Dutch resources you can just change the flag in the top left corner!

Hoof Rehab (Pete Ramey's website)
Scootboot blog (hoofboot brand with informative blog posts)
Wild at Hoof patreon page (membership page of UK podiatrist for exclusive learning material)
Equine Documentalist blog posts (UK farrier with great interest in science and barefoot)
Calm Healthy Horses (mainly about grass, lucern, alfafa, clover and salt)
Safer Grass (why modern grass pastures are not healthy for our horses)
Anatomy of the Equine (speaks for itself)
Rockley Farm blogpost (barefoot rehab centre in the UK)
Dr. Kellon (American expert on horse food, with ebooks, courses about diet, blogs and more)
Hoofbootique (UK online shop for hoof boots)
Warwick Schiller (an awesome horseman with a membership for horse training and relaxation)
Horsecomplete (Dutch website about herbs for horses and other interesting horse info)
Horse in Mind (Dutch website with membership for horse owners interested in horse welfare)
Paardenhoeven (Dutch website about horse hooves)
Het nieuwe paardenhouden (A map with horse friendly yards in Holland)

Facebook pages
The Humble Hoof (Americin hoof care provider)
Wild at Hoof (hoof care provider in the UK)
Rockley Farm (barefoot rehab centre in the UK)
Gawsworth Track Livery (barefoot rehab track system in the UK)
The Equine Documentalist (great UK farrier with an open mind towards barefoot)
Hoefverzorging Wesley (hoof care provider from Belgium)
The Study of the Equine Hoof (hoof scientist from New Zealand)
Calm Healhy Horses (about grass/alfafa affected horses and case studies)
Clare MacLeod (independent equine nutritionist in the UK)
Nikki Meggison (independent equine nutritionist in the UK)
Dr David Marlin (equine scientist from UK)
The Barefoot Horse Magazine (they share triggering and educational posts to get people thinking about barefoot)
Warwick Schiller (to learn more about his horse training methods with other horse owners)

Facebook groups
Barefoot Method for Navicular 
Barefoot Horse Owners UK
Hoof care & rehabilitation
Hoof boots buy, sell, swap 
Horse Track System
As seen on the sound hoof
Denken over paarden (Dutch group called 'thinking about horses')
Ontmoetingsplek paarden houden (Dutch group if you're looking for a horse friendly yard in Holland)
Hoefschoenenbeurs en ervaringen (Dutch group for secondhand hoof boots)

The Essential Hoofbook
Insight to Equus
Anatomy of the Equine books
Laminitis, understanding, cure, prevention
The laminitis answer book
Mark Rashids books

The Humble Hoof podcast
De Paardenpodcast
The Journey on Podcast

It's quite the list! I hope you can find some helpfull information in there :-) 
I have probably forgotten a few, but I will edit the list occassionaly. You can also  contact me to let me know some of your favorite resources!

Translated from the Dutch version by Maaike Boshuis, November 2021

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