Hi! My name is Maaike and I am a barefoot trimmer / equine podiatrist in Weert, The Netherlands.
In 2016 my passion for hooves started after buying my Thoroughbred gelding Harvey, who had horrible feet. Long story short, in 2019 I graduated from The School of Barehoof Strategy! You can find more details about my education here. Pictures of my work are on this page but also on my
Facebook and Instagram account.

What is it
A barefoot trimmer doesn't just trim the hooves shorter. It is much more than that!
I believe the hooves reflect the horses health. You can see them develop event rings, pink bruises or they go brittle. They might also grow too slow, develop flaring or your horse is sensitive on them. Or maybe your horse is laminitic or has navicular disease. All of these things tell you something about the horse, for example discomfort in the hind end, gut issues or inflammation in the body. That's why we also talk about diet, management and other factors during a trimming appointment. These subjects were part of my education and I educate myself about it still as they are part of the horses hoof health! 


With just trimming you often can not make the hooves completely healthy. Yes trimming is a big part of it, but I don't have a magical rasp that fixes every hoof issue I come acros. The owners needs to invest in this too. With that I mean treating for thrush, or arranging a bodyworker to help with the pain in the hind end to stop the hooves from wearing unevenly. Or maybe to switch diets to solve the gut issues and bad quality hoof wall. Or it's about moving to a new yard with less grass and more free movement, like a track system, to prevent or treat laminitis. Etcetera. 
If you like, I have written several blogs about these things, you can find them here. And we also talk about these things during our trimming appointments of course.

Trimming intervals
Most horses on my books go on a 4 to 6 weeks schedule during Summer. Only a handfull goa bit longer during Winter.  Laminitic hooves grow much quicker so they often need a 3/4 week interval. 


Natural hoof care is for someone who

  • Has a barefoot horse and is interested in natural horse and hoof care
  • Wants to transition from shoes to barefoot
  • Is willing to make adjustments in their care routine, and who has an open mind

Natural hoof care is NOT for someone who

  • Only wants me to shorten their horses hooves
  • Isn't open to change
  • Has little interest in caring for a horse in all aspects

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein"

Work area and work days
Most of my clients are within 30 kilometres from Weert.  

Trimming is a hard and somtimes a dangerous job. A horse that is relaxed and works together with the hoof handler makes it a lot easier. A dry and clean ground to work on is appreciated too. Trimming on slippery and wet mud can be dangerous and it wears out my tools much faster also. 
Still, it could happen that I don't feel safe or the job is too hard because of the horses behavior. In that case I will remove myself from the situation. My apologies in advance!

Company details
Champer of Commerce number 80387896, Help with Hooves, in Weert
I'm insured at De Zeeuwse
Payment options: by bank, paypal or cash

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