Unique Horn Pure Hoof Soaker

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Pure Hoof Soaker is developed by Unique Horn and designed to make a hoof soaking solution to treat thrush infections, White Line Disease or to rinse hoof abscess openings. It contains natural ingredients like organic coconut-olive soap, propolis tincture, Aloe Vera extract and arnica.

Use Instructions
Clean the hoof properly with a hoof pick and a stiff (wire) brush. Add a splash of Pure Hoof Soaker to a bucket or soaking boot and then add 200-300 ml water to it. Make it foam a bit before putting the hoof in it. The hoof should be covered up to the coronary band. Let the horse stand in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes, for example while it's eating from a hay net in the barn aile. Repeat on a daily basis until you see improvement. But do discuss this with your hoof care provider before you decrease the treatment!

Pure Hoof Soaker comes in a 250 ml bottle

Organic coconut-olive soap
Aloe Vera extract
Propolis tincture
Arnica extract
Unique combination of essential oils
Natural coloring

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