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The shampoo bar from PIPPA Equestrian is specially made for horses. The shampoo bar has honey and propolis as the main ingredients and are really helpfull for horses with skin conditions like mud fever, rash or CPL. This bar is made in The Netherlands and the honey and propolis used are locally sourced!

Characteristics of the honey & propolis shampoo bar
• Support the healing abbilities of the skin.
• Can soften rough or bare skin to mud fever or CPL.
• Nourishes and protect the horses skin.
• Has a calming effect on irritable skin.
• It also contains coconut and almond, which will make the skin glow.
• It includes a little scrub bag, because without it it will be a very slippery job!
• This flavour bar is also suitable for dogs
• Shampoo with the power of nature (but it isn't medicine).
• Only for external use.

One bar weighs about 180 gram, and will last you 10 - 15 full body washes. It will last even longer when you only wash parts of the horses body, like the tail, or the mane or legs.

How to use it
Make the whole horse or only a part of the horse wet. Put the bar in the little scrubbag and wet this also. Start rubbing, the foam will come. Properly rinse afterwards.

Important for after use!
Take the bar out of the scrubbag and rinse the bag. Leave both to dry seperately. If you don't, the soap will stay wet longer and will become soft. Seperately they will dry off better.

Amount of washes
10 - 15 full body washes.

Saponified olive oil
Saponified organic coconut oil
Saponified almond oil
Raw organic honey
Organic propolis

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