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Barefoot trimming




About barefoot trimming

It is not just trimming a barefoot horse. Barefoot trimming is seeing the whole horse, and using all this information to a help the horse grow a better, stronger and healthier hoof. Sometimes this means that diet and management needs changing too.

What I do
- check the horse’s body and gaits, take pictures and look into every detail while trimming.
- talk and explain about my findings.
- find out the cause of issues, also the small ones. This can be nutritional, mentally, physically, or a combination.
- advise a frequent trim cycle, because this is the best way to really support or rehab a hoof, which is better for your horse’s body.
- give aftercare advice, sometimes also for the diet or management. I have hand-outs, hoof care products and hoof boot fit kits with me.

What I don’t do

- trim and leave within 20-30 minutes.
- keep everything to myself.
- offer a quick fix.
- trim a horse and wait for the owner to call 6 months later.
- leave you with very little or no information.

If what I do isn’t your style, than I can recommend some very nice on-island farriers.


I am a student of The School of Barehoof Strategy with qualified farrier Dan Guerrera. I charge a reduced fee while I am a student. I have passed my practical and written midterm exams, I'm fully insured (with student cover) and government registered as Help with Hooves IOM.