About me

My name is Maaike Boshuis and originally I'm from The Netherlands.
I moved to Isle of Man in 2016 and soon after I met my horse Harvey,
a young Off the Track Thoroughbred and he's the one who got me interested in hooves!

Harvey was fully shod but kept loosing shoes (and hoofwall) every month in the first months I owned him. The farrier suggested glue shoes but he also lost those often. That's when I started educating myself about barefoot horses.

My education
My hoof journey started in the Autumn of 2016. Through books and internet I learned that it was not so much about having a good farrier and a hoof supplement. A lot more is needed for truly healthy hooves! 

In 2017 I slowly started to get into trimming my own horse, with the farrier checking up on me every now and then and I continued reading and watching every hoof-related thing I could find.

Then in 2018 I went to several barefoot hoof care and trimming clinics. One of them was with the teacher of The School of Barehoof Strategy, of which I later became a student.

Dan Guerrera, my mentor, is a qualified farrier from the USA but became more interested in barefoot shortly after finishing his farrier education (late 90's). His barefoot school has been running since 2007. It teaches
 an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the horses hoof, along with the hoof issues regarding nutrition, environment, common disease and genetics, and this is only a fraction of the lessons taught. Approaching the trim as a "whole horse trim", warrants a wider scope of the horses body and how this effects the trimmers strategy. (from www.barehoof.com)

November 2019 I qraduated with honour by completing 100 case studies (trimming 400 hooves) in one year, plus writing a 5000 word essay. Each student also had two practical exams (9 live horses in total) and two written exams (185 questions in total) with a passing rate of at least 80%. During school, we also trimmed cadaver hooves and more live horses.


In 2020 I was an apprentice with Equine Podiatrist Jenny Parsons DEP and Amy Mitchell DEP
(www.wildathoof.co.uk and www.heavenlyhooves.co.uk)


I am a big fan of Warwick Schiller, Mark Rashid and Ray Hunt as they have a lot of sympathy and softness towards the horse. Warwick Schiller has a training program, I highly recommend that you have a look at his website and free trial week. It changed my world and my relation to the horse, it's well worth it! Mark Rashid has written several books that are a joy to read and very educational.


My teacher Dan Guerrera also works with Parelli techniques in the school, as he has looked after Pat Parelli's horses for 4 years and has learned a lot from him during that time.

And my personal favorite: "The horse will teach you, if you'll listen" - Ray Hunt


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